About Us

CWAF Co- founders John and Nina Cassils have been traveling in the region of Southeast Asia since the 1980’s which led them to humanitarian and development efforts. They share a passion for bringing aid to communities in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Their knowledge of the region is extensive, and since 1998 they have devoted the majority of their efforts in the field to help bring basic necessities to poor communities by sourcing and supplying critical pharmaceuticals as well as providing funding for clean water, nutrition, vocational training & education, and income generation.


In 2005, the Cassils formally co founded the CW Asia fund with Weiland and Susan Wettstein from Calgary. Together the Wettsteins and the Cassils are committed to working directly with those in the field.

CWAF works with field partners on the ground to facilitate and execute the hands on educational training which includes but are not limited to health and hygiene, clean water management, income generation, agriculture, nutrition, medical care and treatment.  Their goal is to create knowledge and understanding with an outcome to result in a healthier childhood and therefore a more promising future.

The Cassils and the Wettsteins with their circle of friends and families advocate to bring absolute basic necessities to children and their families.

We were motivated to make a financial commitment to SE Asia by seeing, during our first one month tour of South East Asia with you (Nina and John), the level of personal commitment that you have to the projects and people you support.

Wieland Wettstein, Sept 2007      

After visiting the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia I saw so much need. This charity supports this hospital and others with 100% accountability and 100% of funds going to the hospital.
Cambodia is not like Canada. There is no government funding for infrastructure or transportation to hospitals or safety standards. Without the support of fundraisers like Taste The World the children simply don’t get crucial medical care.

John and Nina Cassils are ‘on the ground philanthropists’. They travel to Asia every year and make sure the money raised and equipment purchased is exactly where it is supposed to be. Now that is accountability.

Dianne Carruthers Wood, Taste the World Co-chair 2014 & 2015; Volunteer since 2007.

Gratitude is how I feel being involved with Taste the World and the CW Asia Fund. A gathering of exceptional people to make a significant difference. Not only does each dollar create such a dramatic impact but the follow-up, due diligence and involvement that we have in each project’s success is the deepest sense of gratitude one can feel.

Travelling to Myanmar/Burma and to Cambodia (and) seeing the Angkor Hospital for Children not only made me fall in love with the people and the country but also burned a desire and commitment in me to give back what the beauty of the country and the people have given my life. This is the catalyst for the CW Asia Fund and Taste the World, to give back to those deserving and give them the health care and support that they need to live and thrive. That is what we do and is the epitome of true sustainable development.

Cinnamon Russell, Taste the World Co-Chair