A different type of travel

A Different type of travel:
Why people are starting to travel this way. There is a ripple effect, people that go there are truly inspired by what they see, they want to help, and they see they can make a difference. They see the effort that is being made, the need that is so great and the philosophy behind it which is only to help where it is needed.

Corinne and Brad Jefferson travelled to Cambodia with their family. Brad tells a story of walking through the hospital with hundreds of kids needing care and he was moved to tears. “It seems unreal because in Canada we just don’t see that much of a gap between those who need care and those who can access it.”

He was forever moved when he witnessed little kids rowing themselves to school in little boats. “All of a sudden the mom in the minivan shepherding her kids to French, ballet and gymnastics seems to be more about our parent agenda and I had this thought that maybe are impoverishing our kids of their internal motivation. I mean, these kids, with literally nothing, they want to go to school so they have to figure out how to get there. There is a six year old girl with a baby under her arm and a water snake for a toy. I am not kidding you, there is no one to come get them or think about what else they might need.”

Helen Catton’s visit to Vancouver January 2015 for Taste the World,

Helen at TTW January 2015On the 27th January 2015 over 480 people collected in the Four Season Hotel Vancouver for the 6th annual wine tasting event. The vibrant crowd enjoyed wine tasting, a silent auction, raffle, live auction and learned more about how healthcare in South East Asia is supported from funds generated at this event. The atmosphere was pulsating as people mingled and enjoyed the evening events. In order to give thanks and encourage support a short address was given. Here is a synopsis.
’Every year I am humbled by the incredible amount of hard work that goes into this event and the dedication and commitment of the co-chairs, committee, volunteers, sponsors and donors who make it all happen. Money raised here tonight goes directly to the projects on the ground. A donation of $5 will provide pain medication for 50 children in Cambodia. A donation of $50 will provide testing and treatment for malaria for 10 patients in Myanmar. Your support not only has the power to change lives, but also to save lives. ’

IMPACT of Kenro Azu

kenro_75x75 image head shot for facebookOn November 6, Kenro Izu will be honored in New York City with the 2014 World of Children Health Award at our annual Awards Ceremony along with 5 other extraordinary changemakers for children

Saving a Child’s Life. Kenro Izu is using his funding to construct a brand-new children’s hospital in Laos. He’s bringing the same strategy and efforts to this new hospital as the one he created in the 1990s that transformed pediatric healthcare in Cambodia.

In 1999, the Angkor Hospital for Children opened its doors. Subsequently, satellite clinics were opened as a model of locally sustainable healthcare.
Angkor Hospital for Children. Since then, his organization Friends Without A Border (FWAB) has treated over 1.2 million children and provided advanced training to thousands of health workers. On February 11, 2015, a similar state-of-the-art pediatric teaching hospital in Laos was completed an opened to the public. Funding from World of Children Award supports FWAB in constructing and equipping this new hospital (the Lao Friends Hospital for Children) in Laos.

World of Children Group was greeted by Helen Catton

March 2015 – World of Children Founders travel to Cambodia and to Laos     Click here to watch the Video from visit to the Angkor Children’s Hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia


In March 2015, Founders Harry and Kay Leibowitz traveled to Cambodia to visit the children served by Kenro’s hospitals. While Kenro was unable to join them, our Founders took a group of eager travelers with them to visit the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia and the new Lao Friends Hospital for Children in Laos. “The number of children being served and families being saved is almost unbelievable for a small country like Cambodia. Benito’s team services hundreds of children every day in some 60 projects nationwide and Kenro’s one hospital in Siem Reap sees at least 500 children a day in a facility that is not even half the size of a standard US Hospital.  The children all come into their programs challenged or ill, disenfranchised or injured, hopeless or frightened, but they all exit the programs smiling, with a great hope for the future and a full life ahead of them.”

At AHC the group was greeted by Helen Catton –

Kenro Izu didn’t know how to run a hospital. He didn’t have a medical degree. But he knew he had to stop the horrible tragedy that he had just witnessed from ever happening again.

“It was a decisive moment when I saw a young girl die in front of my eyes in the regional hospital,” Kenro said.

kenro_75x75 image head shot for facebookSaving a Child’s Life. Kenro Izu is using his funding to construct a brand-new children’s hospital in Laos. He’s bringing the same strategy and efforts to this new hospital as the one he created in the 1990s that transformed pediatric healthcare in CambodiaEdddd

Angela Heim-Ehmer also ran the Luang Prabang half marathon in support of Lao Friends Hospital for Children – so can you!

German  girl Oct 2015The amazing volunteer Angela Heim-Ehmer from Munich Germany…Angela with the pharmacy team at the Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

While she was here she also participated in running the 7km during the Luang Prabang half marathon which was a fundraiser for the hospital on Oct 18th, brought a bunch of needed donated medical supplies with her (all items that we have a lot of trouble finding locally), and will also be bringing back lots of LFHC pamphlets & photos with her to set up a fundraiser at her workplace in Germany. She is a real star!

“Hello, my name is Angela Heim-Ehmer, I come from Munich in Germany and worked as a volunteer in the pharmacy at the Lao Friend Hospital for Children since 4 weeks. We help the Laotian colleagues to develop the important standards for a hospital,support them in their daily work and work together to ensure a secure supply of children with medicine. I am very happy to be able to make a small contribution for children in and around Luang Prabang with my work at the Lao Friend Hospital for children.
I hope I will come back again! Many regards, Angela Heim-Ehmer”

Grade 5 St George’s School raises funds for neonatal beds

Neonatal beds kindly donated by St George’s School Grade 5 Class of 2013 Vancouver, Canada
Supporting children in Cambodia and Angkor Hospital for Children Satellite Clinic

Cookie sales at St George’s