Prospero’s Anna-Louisa Psarras Visits the Muslim Free Hospital

We helped to facilitate visits to projects in Myanmar by Prospero, a non-profit company that advises investors and donors where to put their donation dollars.  Anna Louisa visited the Muslim Free Hospital, Medical Action Myanmar, and the Metta Development Foundation.  She wrote about her visit to the Hospital on Prospero’s blog:

The Muslim Free Hospital, Yangon. October 2012
Yangon General Hospital

With this fieldtrip focusing on health provision in Myanmar, we’ve already heard how the General Hospital in Yangon, which provides statutory health care, is famed for charging its patients for all equipment used. Street vendors outside the hospital prepare “operation packs” where would-be patients go to buy the equipment needed to cut them up and put them back together again. Heart bypass pack? No worries. It’s there. Orthopedic surgery? No fear, there is a suitable pack waiting beyond the General Hospital’s walls. For a price. And, at up to 3,000,000 Kyat ( £2,250), that price is more than most can afford. In a lifetime…

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