Medical Action Myanmar

MAM logoMedical Action Myanmar saves lives in difficult circumstances. It is the most effective health NGO I have ever encountered”.  Professor Nick White, (Professor of Tropical Medicine Oxford University and Mahidol University, Bangkok

Medical Action Myanmar (MAM) is an International Aid Organisation whose mission is to improve the health of the poorest people within Myanmar.  Our principle goals are to provide basic medical treatment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The driving force behind Medical Action Myanmar is Dr Frank Smithuis, former Director of Medicins Sans Frontières Myanmar (MSF) and a veteran of health activities in Myanmar, together with two former MSF colleagues, Dr NiNi Tun and Rene Mous.

To tackle the urgent medical needs of the poorest MAM supports a network of clinics where a package of basic health activities are provided along with assistance with transport, accommodation, child care, food and counselling.

Dr Frank Smithuis says “In the end it doesn’t matter what diseases people who visit our clinics have, if they can’t afford the health services they need, Medical Action Myanmar will try to provide treatment and support”


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