Knitted Toques for Neonates

Knitted Toques for Neonates

By Rie Tai,  Lao Friends Hospital for Children.

On behalf of the staff, families and children of at Lao Friends Hospital for Children would like to send a sincere thank you to Dr. Michael and Jane Woolnough. Their group has generously donated their time and resources to the kitting of small hats for young babies. These toques help keep the babies warm in their beds and provides a treat for their mothers by allowing them to choose a small (and important) gift for their newborn!

We are grateful for the work your group is currently undertaking. Depending on the desires of the group and your available resources, we have other demographics who would benefit from this program. For example we have many sick babies who are 30+ weeks old who would benefit from extra warmth during their recovery time.

I have attached a few photos of two neonates wearing the hats. 

Thank you again!

Best regards, 

Rie Tai


A Child Specialist’s Reflection of LFHC

Anna Tu is Certified Child Life Specialist from Vancouver, BC. Her role is to support, educate and advocate for children and families during healthcare experiences to improve coping and control. 

“My favourite part about being a Child Life Specialist is that I am always learning; everyday is different and I get to exercise my creativity to engage with patients. The biggest reward is to see their confidence grow as they learn through play and exploration with medical supplies and dolls.” 

Anna Tu Preparation Dolls AL2

Dr. Cheri’s Leadership at LFHC

by Akiko Arai, Friends Without a Border

Canadian involvement has been important since the very inception of the hospital. Canadian Dr. Cheri L. D. Njissen-Jordan, MD FRCPC FAAP MBA assumed leadership of the hospital as the Executive Director during the critical initial year, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the hospital as well as up to 100 Lao and international staff and volunteers. Just for Canadian Doctors magazine featured her work in the Spring 2016 issue. 

Support continued to come from the general public based in Canada, most notably through the annual Taste the World event. Since 2010, a dedicated group of community leaders have been hosting the charity wine tasting event at the Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom in Vancouver. Looking to bring the event back to Calgary.  

This event is been raising fund for LAO FRIENDS HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN in Luang Prabang Laos and MEDICAL ACTION MYANMAR Myanmar/Burma. From time to time funds also support Lao Friends sister hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children , in Siem Reap Cambodia. 

High resolution image of Dr. Cheri with child - full head shot of both Dr. Cheri coming out of surgery holding child high resolution


Teaching English as a second language can definitely be a challenge. Our experience at Wat Prok January 2017

By Valerie Hotte-Kilburn and Clea Jullien
“We had a wonderful experience working at Wat Prok for Maryknoll. We were welcomed and felt immediately at ease right from the beginning. We met many diverse and interesting people with lots to say, learned about the children, their lives, the culture and about the temple itself. Teaching English as a second language can definitely be a challenge, especially with the language barrier. It did take us some time to get used to the language barrier. But once we figured out our teaching methods and more importantly what works better for the children and their individual needs, we felt much more at ease and definitely had lots of fun with the kids. It was a wonderful experience to say the least, and would highly recommend it to anyone.”
We would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity.

Valerie and Cléa