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Canadians at Laos Friends Hospital for Children

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Volunteer at Lao Friends Hospital for Children      LFHC clinical staff

Available positions at Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC)

We accept applications for medical volunteers of all different specialities on a rolling and continual basis throughout the year. In addition to the opportunities listed below, all doctors, nurses, and other trained medical specialists are welcome to send their resume to at any time.
Check out our Volunteer Blog to read about experiences of past medical volunteers in Laos.

      The angle of meaningful travel is hopefully of interest to you.

Many families visiting the hospital have become inspired to volunteer and become long term donors. In fact the experience has been so profoundly moving that some families have changed their regular restful and relaxing travel to volunteering and philanthropic experiences. The gift of family time and experiential relationships while being philanthropic has not only been immensely rich but been an opportunity for authentic immersion in different cultures and has deepened their family time, core values and personal experiences. Some teenagers, so motivated to engage with Angkor Hospital for Children and the Lao Friends Hospital for Children have applied to the volunteer program and changed their academic goals to medical school or international relations.



Dr. Bill put Dr. John to work


Volunteers and visitors at projects

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Steve and Tannis Cochrane visit Angkor Hospital May 2014

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NB website (151 of 3) Steve and Tannis Cochrane  2013 at AHC Steve and Tannis Cochrane, Calgary


Steve, the co-chair of Taste the World                                Steve and Tannis proudly in front of Taste the World Calgary poster at the entrance of the Intensive Care Ward . 

Muslim Free Hospital in Yangon

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Dr. John with Dr. Madha at MFH N & J with 2 suitcases of supplies

Angkor Hospital for Children

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Steve and Tannis Cochrane, Calgary Steve and Tannis Cochrane  2013 at AHC

Angkor Hospital Outreach

Grand Opening of Angkor Hospital for Children Satellite Clinic

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